Selling Your Home?

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Why use Brian Camp to represent you in the home selling process?  

Experience, Knowledge, and Biblical Values:

Brian has 20 years of experience literally from the ground up as an ENGINEER, LAND DEVELOPER, HOME BUILDER, AND REAL ESTATE BROKER.  Leverage Brian's knowledge of repairs, pricing, and strategy for your benefit. See for his experience and core values or check out his blog where he shares his experience with you.  


Seller's Home Discussions:  

- What's the best Price/Strategy for Selling at TOP DOLLAR  (Yes there is strategy for everything).  We will analyze your home, the market, and the situation BEFORE we discuss signing any listing papers or putting up signs.  We will have  "Best Case" and "Worst Case" strategy discussions.

- HOME EVALUATION- What improvements are needed prior to selling and can I get my money back?

- How can I save COMMISSION when selling?

- What is the best time of year to sell?  Can I sell now and achieve my goals?

NO OBLIGATION to discuss your situation.



- PRICING:  WE MAXIMIZE THE SALES PRICE AND REMOVE THE HASSLES!  Any agent can put a sign in the yard, but does that help you?  We know the market, the pricing game, and SET THE STAGE TO BENEFIT YOU!

- MARKETING:  We drive a lot of traffic to your home with our custom advertising on many different media channels.  We review every picture, every word, and analyze what you need.  In addition, we know how to advertise the home for top dollar results.  Without a top strategy, the whole process COSTS YOU MONEY!  WE CAN GET YOU TOP DOLLAR!

- NEGOTIATING: finally get that offer and the buyer wants you to throw in your personal items, make repairs, and provide a low price.  Don't regret missing the strategy first BEFORE you list the home.  DON'T LET THIS COST YOU MONEY.  THAT'S WHY WE USE OUR EXPERIENCE UP FRONT TO ADVISE AND COUNSEL YOU BEFORE WE MARKET THE HOME.

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